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7 Inspiring LGBTQ Quotes for Pride Month

7 Inspiring LGBTQ Quotes for Pride Month We should indeed keep calm in the face of difference, and live our lives in a state of inclusion and wonder at the diversity of humanity. George Takei, Actor I learned compassion from being discriminated against. Everything bad that's ever happened to me has taught me compassion. Ellen DeGeneres, Talk Show Host I've been embraced by a new community. That's what happens when you're finally honest about who you are; you find others like you. Chaz Bono, Advocate and Actor The only queer people are those who don't love anybody. Rita Mae Brown, Writer and Activist Openness may not completely disarm prejudice, but it's a good place to start. Jason Collins, Former NBA Player Everybody's journey is individual. If you fall in love with a boy, you fall in love with a boy. The fact that many Americans consider it a disease says more about them than it does about homosexuality. James Baldwin, Novelist The beauty of standing up for your rights is others see

Source: Inform News

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