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Poll finds people think marijuana is safer than opioids

A Yahoo/Marist poll of 1,122 people found that some think marijuana is safer than opioids only when women and children are not the users. Overdoses on prescription opioids and heroin claim 91 lives every day, and an estimated 2 million people may be hooked on pills. 83-percent of the poll's users also said that marijuana should be made legal nationally and for medical purposes. 70-percent were against pregnant women using the drug, and there was an even split on whether children should have access to it. During Trump's candidacy, he said states should tinker with marijuana laws, but U.S. Attorney general Jeff Sessions claimed it is dangerous and states should leave the laws alone. Trump has appointed an opioid commission to investigate the abuse and overdose rates, but the U.S. Justice Department has not taken action to prevent states from breaking the Controlled Substances Act.

Source: Inform News

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